Apple’s iPhone 5 flops even though it had become the market talk for almost 2 weeks now, It wasn’t spared from receiving bad reviews and complaints about their new product. As with tradition, every time a new smartphone becomes available on the market, consumers will point out issues regardless how serious or silly they may seem. Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore breaks down these issues for you.

Well honestly, all comments point out to Apple’s Operating System, let’s start off with the most talked about:

Apple’s iOS 6 Maps – If you have seen the new application or have downloaded the iOS 6 (Which is also available with some Apple products), you could agree with Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak who pointed out a major flaw with the iOS 6 Map. Wozniak said he was loving the iPhone 5, but admitted he was slightly disappointed with Apple Maps. “I tried to navigate somewhere, and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to by voice,” he told ZDNet Australia. “So, I was a little disappointed, because I love the navigation by voice with my Google [Android] phones, actually, since they always get it and are based on a better database.” The Apple co-founder is aware of the highly publicized errors with Apple’s Maps, but suspected the severity of the flaws has been exaggerated. Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore was actually shocked Steve Wozniak spoke this way of Apple’s iPhone repair 5!

Sub-par iPhone 5 sales – If you think that Apple’s new iPhone sales are way beyond than its expected figures, Analysts forecast that it could have been higher, plus reports also counted several retail stores in major cities had 8 or 10, if the reports about the pre-orders were delivered then, Apple could have hit the mark.

Scratches and Screen issues – The new iPhone 5 screen is more durable and the edges seem less resistant to scratches, but some of us noticed it has some scuffed marks, maybe it was due to the alleged report where the factory where the iPhone 5 is made happened to have a riot during its manufacturing days and might have damaged some iPhone repair Claremore. The screen doesn’t look good as well. If you have noticed there were lights coming out to some parts of the iPhone, leaked lights flickering such as the space between the main button and the phone, you weren’t imagining things – Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore noticed them as well!

Wi-fi Issues and Wrong information relay by Siri – Surprised? A group of Apple lovers noticed that Siri was giving some wrong information, somewhere really wrong and some of it is a little far from the real reports as one user noticed. WiFi issues, there were a number of first buyers complained about the poor WiFi connection of the new iPhone 5, a lot were disappointed and raised the issue on Apple’s Support thread

These are just some of the flops of Apple’s new iPhone 5 and so far, one by one there new issues are being pointed out to the new Apple product. Need a new iPhone repair? Come see us at Wireless World or call us to reserve your new iPhone repair!