A Small History Lesson for Samsung

There are some developments in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, after the latter lost the patent trial and was doomed to pay over 1 billion to Apple. They reviewed the (not so conclusive) sentence and decided to appeal to a higher court in order to review and eventually let them have a second hearing in order to try and reverse the decision. Here is Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore thoughts on the matter.

How to Fix the Most Common Problems with iPad Air Repairs

Wireless World Claremore technicians are here to answer the most common questions about how to fix common problems with Apple iPad Air repair process. Depending on the device, mobile phone and tablet repairs can be a tedious process. Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair. Relax, we are here to make your life easier!

The Pros & Cons of the iPhone XS

After the success of iPhone X, Apple released iPhone XS on September 2018. As the name infers, it’s an upgrade to the iPhone X having same overall design and major features, with a handful of big improvements and new and better enhancements. Here is what Wireless World Claremore has found to be the pros and cons of the iPhone XS for iPhone repair.

Apple’s Attempts to Kill Thousands of Independent Businesses

Here at Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore, we were shocked to find out the cell phone repair business is estimated to be a $4 billion  industry (yes, Billion!).  A big portion of those repairs are done by 3rd party repair shops – and Apple hopes to put an end to that.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Phone

You’re not the only one that needs to bundle up this winter– your iPhone does too! As temperatures drop into the bitter cold, remember that excessive time outdoors can negatively impact the performance of your smartphone or tablet and lead to required iPhone repairs! Come see Wireless World Phone Repair Claremore for your needs!

Protect Your Cell Phone Against Dangerous New Malware Threat

Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore wants to alert customers to a new potential source of Internet connected cell phone damage: the Exodus program. Cell phones have grown more complex during recent years. The potential has increased for hackers and spyware creators to target these widely used electronic devices. Here’s how you can be safe!

Flagship Smartphones Compared – Camera Technology Of The Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 4S

According to Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair, Samsung has recently launched its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3. One of the most talked about features of its spec list is its’ camera. As one of the most important features for many when choosing a new smartphone, it competes with several other manufacturers’ flagship smartphones. In this article Wireless World Bixby will compare the camera with that of the wildly popular Apple iPhone 4S.

DreamON For The iPhone 6S Attempts To Influence User’s Dreams

Hidden among the thousands of similar applications that are available for the iPhone 6S are a few very intriguing apps that seemingly offer services or functions that are not supported by other pieces of software Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair has discovered. One such application is the excellent Dream:ON which as its name suggests aims to influence the dreams of the phone user. We take a look at this new piece of software to see how it works.

Design and Display Quality On the New iPhone 5 and the HTC One X

At this moment in time there is one mobile handset which offers specification that eclipses what all rival models can offer. The new HTC One X is a powerful device that not only incorporates a quad core processor but also a host of other great features including a superb camera and the latest version of the Android operating system. Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair has learned that there are some new models due for release soon however that are looking to outshine this great device.

Dead Space iOS

With the recent rash of E3 announcements, including Dead Space 3, Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at the world of iPhone gaming. Aside from a few basic games for the iPhone, I haven’t had much experience with this new, relatively unexplored concept of playing games on a mobile device.

Choosing The Best Android Tablets

Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore has discovered that it is becoming very difficult for one to decide what type of Android tablet they should get due to the different brands that are on the market. All the tablets have amazing features and many applications that you can’t just get enough of.

Cool Apple Gadgets

In these days of new technologies that keep on changing, Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore has found that technological gadgets come and go. New innovations keep on coming that cool gadgets you may have with you, are already the old styles, brands, or models that will also pressure you to buy the new ones. The new innovations may be the better and faster ones in terms of technologies that you are always getting tempted to acquire these.

Apple’s Leaked “Genuine Parts Repair” Program Doesn’t Go Far Enough

For years, independent repair shops have asked Apple for genuine replacement parts so they could repair their customers’ laptops and phones. Apple has refused. But new documents leaked by Motherboard show that Apple may finally be changing their tune—at least, as much as they’re required to by potential legislation. Here is Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore’s take on it.

5 Common iPhone Repair Problems to Deal With

Are you looking for a good iPhone repair company that can help you take care of your phone? You would certainly have paid quite a bit of money for this phone which would have become an important part of your life. You’ll need to ensure that it is always in good working condition. However, a few problems might pop up that you might have to face from time to time. Here at Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore, we can take care of those issues!

Your Electronics Really Are Breaking Faster Than They Used To

You aren’t imagining it. Turns out, your stuff really is breaking down more quickly than before. A recent study by a European environmental agency just confirmed it: the lifespan of your electronic goods is—indeed—shrinking. Here is Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore impressions.

The BatteryGate Timeline

In December 2017, after more than a year of reliability issues and speculation, Apple confirmed that they were intentionally slowing iPhone performance in an attempt to prevent phone-crashing power spikes. Essentially, they were applying a software band-aid on a hardware issue. Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore called the conflict “Batterygate”.

How to Find the Best Prices for Used iPad 2

Today, tablet technology is advancing faster than other device, Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair has discovered. They come out yearly with a new one that is smaller, greater and better and normally more expensive. Here’s how to buy a good, replacement iPad at Wireless World!

How to Find Used iPad for Sale

Many people are looking for New iPad for sale these days since its official launch, whatever iPad 3 iPad-mini and iPad 4 . No problem for them, simply type in a generic search term and check out today’s top iPad deals. You can easily find some latest generation sales if you buy online right now through Apple or Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore!

All about the iPod Touch

The iPod is one device that we at Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore love for sure! It is the first and may be the last media-playing device that you have seen as chargeable and reusable. It has a replaceable memory space, with a capacity of almost 40 thousand clips and files. It has the tendency to record a 40 hours video with its exceptional camera as well.

Advantages of Option Available for Mobile Recharge

In the present day of technology, it seems that no one is seen without a cell phone we have noticed here at Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore. However, the usage prototype of each user has a straight control on his/her expenses. As a result, selecting top mobile phone services as well as the right mobile recharge plan is a significant aspect to maintain the expenses to the smallest amount and get the best out of it.

Apple iPhone 5 Flops

Apple’s iPhone 5 flops even though it had become the market talk for almost 2 weeks now, It wasn’t spared from receiving bad reviews and complaints about their new product. As with tradition, every time a new smartphone becomes available on the market, consumers will point out issues regardless how serious or silly they may seem. Wireless World iPhone repair Claremore breaks down these issues for you.

Having the Apple iPhone 6s

Nowadays, the word Apple is nearly synonymous with high-quality computers, mobile phones and other devices Wireless World Claremore iPhone Repair states. Its recent creation is the iPhone 6s, a touch screen 4G smart phone. A direct successor to the iPhone 6, it features a host of high-quality applications and software, making it one of the best and most technologically advanced devices in the world.

How Mobile Technology Has Changed The Way We Work and Live

While at Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore today, I was using my iPhone repair and it struck me that before smart phones things took just a little bit longer. Mobile technology just makes everything much more convenient. Here’s Wireless World iPhone Repair’s thoughts on how technology has changed our lives!

Where Software is Leaving Apple in the Dust

Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore thinks that not in any case the best fiction scholars of the past forty years could have built up a character as baffling as current software.

How to Fix the Front Camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore understands how important your iPhone repair camera is to your daily life. Having problems with your front or rear-facing camera on your iphone repair Tulsa 6 or iphone repair Tulsa 6s? Here’s how to fix it!

Apple Unveils iOS 7, iTunes Radio

Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore believes that with with many astonishing launches of gadgets in the past, finally Apple has unveiled its new iOS 7 itunes Radio onto the market. This application is all set to persuade gadget lovers who are looking for best features in new Apple iPhones.

How An International Cell Phone Rental Will Save You Money

Here at Wireless World iPhone Repair Tulsa, we have some thoughts on how to save our customers money and effort when travelling abroad. An international cell phone rental company is one that can allow you to never be without communication while you travel abroad.

How To Set Up And Use Find My iPhone And Find My iPad

In this post Wireless World iPhone Repair is going to help you to setup Find My iPhone as well as walk you through how to use it. There really is not much to setting this up. There are some configurations inside your iPhone or iPad you need to check. The primary element will be to test drive it later on to help become acquainted with the process of finding your iDevice.

Avoiding the Risks of Not Securing Your Smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere. In fact, they are so common that you may be reading this from one of the many that grace our airwaves. With the mobile revolution we’ve come across cheap, widely available smartphones, simple enough to be used by the everyday man. Almost 85% of Americans have them, with that number growing exponentially each year according to Wireless World Bixby iPhone Repair.

How Expensive Are Broken Cell Phones These Days?

Wireless World has discovered that today, most people rely extensively upon broken iPhone mobile devices. If you depend upon your cell phone as a way to conduct business, access the Internet, or stay in touch with friends, then losing access to this tool even for a very brief period of time might seem unthinkable. iPhone owners who suffer accidental phone damage find themselves wondering about their next action: should they repair a broken device at Wireless World iPhone Repair or resign themselves to purchasing another model?

Benefits of Repairing Your iPhone Screen Over Buying a New Phone

When you purchase an iPhone repair, you’re essentially marrying your wireless phone provider for the next two years. The iPhone repair Bixby is often purchased with a wireless carrier subsidy that brings the cost of the device down from $500 or $600 to around $199. Carriers are comfortable paying that subsidy because they have you sign a contract that binds you to two years of service. At Wireless World iPhone Repair, you’re never married to a device for that long!

Quality iPhone X Screen Repairs: What to Look For

With so many options available on the market, it’s hard to decide where to go for quality iPhone X screen repair in the unfortunate event that you drop it and need a repair. Wireless World has the quality iPhone X screen repairs handled for you.

What To Do When Your iPhone Screen Breaks

When you drop your phone, time slows down. It slips out of your hand and makes a beeline for the concrete, your heart dropping into your stomach as you grit your teeth and hope. It’s not the end of the world if your screen breaks, though. Here’s what you can do to bring your iPhone back to its former glory at Wireless World iPhone Repair Bixby.

Why Your iPhone May Not Be Charging

iPhones are among the most advanced phones that are widely used today. The technology used while making these devices has been carefully developed to become highly efficient and reliable. However, the more advanced the technology, the more complicated it often gets.

Apple Won’t Tell You How to Get Your iPhone’s Data Back—So Here’s How

Imagine you’re on a canoe trip and you’ve taken thousands of photos of your journey. Suddenly, your phone falls into the lake and becomes water damaged. You didn’t have an internet signal to back up your photos through iCloud. So what do you do? Wireless World iPhone Repair Bixby Tells You How!

How to Disable iPhone Battery Throttling with the New iOS 12.1

With Apple’s most recent operating system update, you now have the ability to check your battery’s health and disable iPhone battery throttling. Continue reading for information from Wireless World to learn how you can check your beloved iPhone’s battery performance and avoid needing an iPhone repair.

Do You Need a Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your iPhone?

Our iPhones are devices that we can’t live without anymore. It’s no wonder that we can’t imagine our day without these things. But, what if something happens to your precious phone’s display? How will you be able to use it? We have wondered the same, so Wireless World has decided to explore the screen protector market and how they help protect your iPhone screen from breaking!

Is Apple Sabotaging iPhone Repairs?

Apple’s iOS 12.1.4 update for iPhones ranks among the most anticipated mid-cycle software releases in its history. But while it brings much-needed closure to the painful batterygate “throttling” debacle, it also comes with a bagful of new problems for iPhone repair shops such as Wireless World

BatteryGate is Over, but the Need for Battery Replacements is Still There

Another year, another “gate.” It’s become an unexpected tech industry tradition to be accused of a major design flaw after the launch of a flagship device, and Apple has gotten the lion’s share of the attention with Antennagate. Bendgate. Flexgate. While these scandals received public backlash, they were quickly resolved and forgiven without much financial penalty to Apple according to Wireless World iPhone Repair. That was until Batterygate—the gate that slowed every iPhone owner in their tracks. Literally.

What is 5G?

Here at Wireless World, we are always excited about new technology coming out! The latest in the news has been 5G. The 5G standard is still several years from being ratified but wireless industry visionaries are already painting a picture of what new capabilities 5G will offer the iPhone repair industry.

Samsung’s Galaxy Folds Are Breaking After Just a Few Days

Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy Fold phone/tablet hybrid is almost here. But with the April 26 release date inching closer, multiple reviewers are already having problems with the flexible OLED screen after a few days of use. Here is Wireless World iPhone Repair Tulsa thoughts on the expose’.

Global Ground Breaking Presence Of iPhone Applications

Whether it was smartphones with full touch-screens, actually browsing the internet on a mobile device or a place from where you can download applications (App store), Apple initiated it all. Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore thinks the sheer number of innovations by Apple intimidates almost every mobile phone manufacturer today.