Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore understands how important your iPhone repair camera is to your daily life. Having problems with your front or rear-facing camera on your iphone repair Tulsa 6 or iphone repair Claremore 6s? Here’s how to fix it!

How to fix the front facing camera on your iPhone 6? If your a FaceTime addict and the front facing camera is giving you fits, it may need to be replaced. Here are 13 easy steps that explains how to do it.

Step 1:
– Turn off your iPhone

Step 2:
– Remove the bottom 2 screws on your iPhone repair 6 or iPhone repair Claremore 6s. Use your five point security screwdriver for this as all versions of the GSM/CDMA iPhone 6 have security screws in the dock connector.
– To remove the screen, gently life upwards and lift it off gently after you remove the connectors holding the screen and home button to the board.

Step 3:
– Remove the battery, you’ll need to remove the #00 screw holding the battery clip in place. Remove this screw located to the bottom left of the battery.
– The metal clip on the battery is what clips the battery to the logic board. You’ll need to pop this clip up with your plastic pry tool. Simply stick the end of your pry tool underneath the clip and gently pull upwards until it unfastens from the logic board.

DO NOT USE THE PLASTIC PULL TAB, there is a lot of adhesive and the tab will break or you will damage the battery. Instead run your pry tool along the right side of the battery and break the adhesive that way. Once the battery is free from the adhesive, you can pull the battery out of the phone. There are no other connectors holding it in.

Step 4:
– Remove the grounding clip, it is to the left of where you disconnected the battery. You will see another screw that is holding in the grounding clip over the antenna, remove this screw. If you have problems, Contact Wireless World iPhone Repair Claremore for answers!
– Unscrew the one screw holding the grounding clip in place with your #00 Phillips screwdriver.
– Gently lift the grounding clip out of the device.

Step 5:
– Remove the dock connector shield and disconnected the cable
– There is a shield held on with two screws covering the dock connector cable. Remove the two screws holding it in place.
– Next, use your pry tool to pry up the actual dock connector cable.

Step 6:
– Unclip the antenna from the logic board, Underneath where you removed the grounding clip, you’ll see a tiny circular cable. You’ll need to unclip it from the logic board.
– Take the edge of your pry tool or spudger and gently pry up the circular head to detach it from the logic board.
– You’ll notice the cable is wound around some metal brackets. Just gently guide it out of the brackets with your pry tool and finger. It’s attached to the speaker assembly.

Step 7:
– Remove the top logic board shield, There are 5 screws holding the logic board shield in place. Remove the 5 screws holding it in place plus screw number 6 off to the right. Just be sure to remember which holes they came out of as the screws are different sizes.
– Next you’ll need to remove the shield. There is a tiny clip built into the shield holding it in place. Grab the shield by the top where the top screw came out and gently lift up and push down. The bottom notch will come out and you should be able to gently lift the shield out of the device.

Step 8:
– Remove wifi antenna grounding clip, The number 6 screw we removed previously has a clip underneath it. Gently use your pry tool to remove it.

Step 9:
– Disconnect 7 cables from the logic board, Pop up all the cables by gently lifting them with your pry tool or spudger while at Wireless World phone repair Claremore.
– Next gently lift the camera out of the device. You’ll notice there is a tiny tab that is seated underneath the LCD and digitizer cables to the right.
– Play close attention to the direction in which the cables pop up. The cable furthest to the right will pop up in the opposite direction of the others.

Step 10:
– Remove the logic board, There are 5 screws you’ll need to remove in order to remove the logic board. Three need to be removed with a flat blade screwdriver while the other two will be removed with your #00 Phillips screwdriver.
– Remove the screws numbered 1-3 using your flat blade screw driver. Make sure you remember which ones go where as the heads are a bit different.
– Now remove screws 4 and 5 with your #00 screwdriver. Notice that the screw labeled number 5 will have a tiny gold grounding clip for the camera underneath it. Make sure you don’t lose this and save it for re-assembly.
– You should now be able to remove your logic board. Holding it at the bottom, gently pull it upwards.
– Take note that there is a small rubber piece that sits at the top of the logic board. You will need this for re-assembly so make sure it doesn’t fall off. If you lose this, you could experience wifi or reception issues.

Step 11:
– Remove the metal retainer & front facing camera, There is a metal retainer covering the front facing camera. To remove it use your pry tool to gently pull it off. Make sure you don’t lose it as you’ll need it for reassembly. Now that the metal retainer has been removed you can gently lift the front facing camera out of the iPhone 4.

Step 12:
– Replace the front facing camera & metal retainer, Now replace the front facing camera with the new replacement part. Once it is securely in place you can replace the metal retainer by snapping it back in place.

Step 13:
– Reassemble your iPhone 4, Once you’ve gotten the front facing camera seated in correctly and the metal retainer snapped back into place to hold it down, you’re ready to finish putting your iPhone repair Claremore back together.

Step 14:
– Enjoy!!

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