At this moment in time there is one mobile handset which offers specification that eclipses what all rival models can offer. The new HTC One X is a powerful device that not only incorporates a quad core processor but also a host of other great features including a superb camera and the latest version of the Android operating system. Wireless World Bixby iPhone Repair has learned that there are some new models due for release soon however that are looking to outshine this great device. One of these phones is the new iPhone 5 from Apple. We take a look at the rumoured specification of this new model and see how it compares with the One X.

Although we at Wireless World Bixby iPhone Repair have not seen any official shots of the new iPhone 5, we can be sure that this new device will boast a brand new design. The design of the iPhone 4S is now two years old as the same chassis was also used on the iPhone 4. In a bid to appeal to consumers who already own one of these models Apple will look to offer an exciting new design on their latest model. Apple are renowned for producing very stylish devices so we can expect something really special from the iPhone 5. Many reports suggest that the phone will offer an unusual curved design that will help it stand out from its competitors. The HTC One X is not only a very visually appealing device but it is also very well built. The handset measures 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and weighs a very lightweight 130 grammes. The device looks much better than the majority of other phones that HTC have released thanks to the very thin bezel that surrounds the screen and its very slim profile. The design sports more curves than many rival handsets but this combines well with the textured back panel. The One X is one of the most attractive devices on the market but we can expect the new iPhone 5 to rival it in this area when it is eventually released.

When the iPhone 4S was launched, the Retina display that it incorporated offered the highest pixel density on the market Wireless World Bixby iPhone Repair believes. Recently a number of new mobiles are offering screens that rival this display so we expect that Apple will raise the bar again for screen technology when they launch the iPhone 5. Not only will the screen on this new phone be considerably larger than previous iPhone models but it will also offer a pixel density higher than the 326PPI that the iPhone 4S offers. Until this model is launched the HTC One X offers a screen that beats just about every rival handset. The model uses a massive 4.7 inch Super LCD2 screen. Many models that incorporate larger displays usually offer a lower pixel density than smaller screened devices but this is not the case with the One X. The phone can show a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a total pixel density of 317PPI. The display is constructed from Gorilla glass which means that it is very resistant to scratches and damage and this material is also likely to be used on the new iPhone 5.

The HTC One X is currently the most impressive smartphone available. The phone boasts a striking design and a superb screen but we at Wireless World Bixby iPhone Repair expect the iPhone 5 to rival this handset in both departments when it is finally released.

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