Our smartphones are gadgets that we can’t live without anymore – some of us literally. It’s no wonder that we can’t imagine our day without these things. But, what if something happens to your precious one and his display? How will you be able to use it? We have wondered the same, so we decided to explore the screen protector market and try to find out is this something that you need and how it can help you. Stay tuned to find out.

What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?
The tempered glass screen protectors (“Gorilla Glass”) are thin layers of plastic or glass that covers the display of your phone and provides it with additional protection against scratches, blows, and drops. Depending on the material it is made of and quality of production, your screen protector can have a different price range. Here at Wireless World, our screen protectors are made of the highest grade Gorilla Glass, “4D”, which means it has 4 layers of protection. Tempered glass screen protectors are actually designed to break in order to sacrifice themselves and save the screen underneath. Here at Wireless World, we have seen countless iPhone screens saved by these tempered glass protectors, thus preventing the need for an iPhone repair! Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been saved by these little pieces of glass!

Usually, the screen protector is applied directly on the display of your phone, and it provides an additional protective layer. You can look at it as an air-bag for your screen. To apply it correctly you need to clean your display and to press the screen protector against it. Be careful and make sure to squeeze all air bubbles out because they can reduce the protective capacity of the screen protector.

The screen protector’s central role is to absorb scratches and blows instead of your display. In case it breaks, you will quickly replace it for a couple of bucks. Anyway, it will cost you much less to replace the screen protector than it would if you had to change the entire display of your iPhone if you had to do an iPhone repair at Wireless World.

Is Gorilla Glass/4D Screen Protectors Enough to Protect my Display?

Most of the iPhones nowadays already have strong displays resistant to external damages, at least according to Apple’s iPhone specification. Sometimes it’s Corning Gorilla Glass; sometimes it’s “Sapphire Glass” or some other form of specially processed glass. But, we have all witnessed accidents where such displays were shattered entirely with bumps and punches they couldn’t take.

So, it’s logical to wonder if such a protection is enough? Giving the correct answer to this question is hard. Even if the Gorilla Glass (and similar tempered glasses) is quite durable and provides you with high quality, it is not scratch proof or shatterproof. In time, especially if you are a type of consumer who takes your phone in a pocket with key chains or in a bag with all kinds of stuff, it can quickly get scratches from all your pocket litter. Sometimes this can result in needing an iPhone repair at Wireless World.

To prevent that from happening, you should THINK OF GLASS PROTECTION AS AN ADDITIONAL LAYER OR SHIELD that you have wrapped around your phone.

What are the Downsides of Glass Protection?
Glass protection SLIGHTLY CHANGES THE USER EXPERIENCE you have with your phone. If you opt for more reliable solutions (that are not always the most expensive ones), you will feel less of a difference, but it still won’t be the same as it was while using the bare display.

Another downside of having a screen protector is the fact that YOUR DISPLAY WILL GET GREASIER AND WITH MORE FINGERPRINTS STAINS than it did before. Screen protectors usually don’t have the same anti-stain features that displays have, and this is why everything that touches your phone will leave a mark.

But, if you want to have a perfect smartphone display, this is the price that you have to pay.

What are the Advantages of Having a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?
As we already mentioned, advantages of having an additional protective layer on your iPhone are following:

– You will have a SCRATCH-FREE DISPLAY;

– In case you drop your phone, there are HIGHER CHANCES THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE DISPLAY with an iPhone repair if you have a screen protector;


Do I Need a Screen Protector?
At the end, when you ask yourself do you need a screen protector, imagine yourself sitting in a car without a seatbelt. Yes, you can take a ride without it, but by having it, you are increasing chances of having a safe journey. The same rule applies to screen protector – YOU ARE INCREASING CHANCES OF HAVING A PERFECT DISPLAY BENEATH THIS THIN LAYER OF ADDITIONAL PROTECTION and NOT needing an iPhone repair!

If you have a broken iPhone screen and need an iPhone repair, contact us here at Wireless World for our $44.99 screen replacements that are done in 15 minutes or less! All of our screens come with a lifetime warranty!

Our screen protectors are of the highest quality and normally are $29.99 but if you mention this blog article, you will receive it for half price, $14.99!